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The Last Earls of Barrymore:

David de Barry, 1st Baron Barry (d. 1278).
John Barry, 2nd Baron Barry (d. 1285)
David FitzDavid Barry, 3rd Baron Barry (d. 1290)
John Barry, 4th Baron Barry (d. 1330)
David Barry, 5th Baron Barry (d. 1347)
David Barry, 6th Baron Barry (d. 1392)
John Barry, 7th Baron Barry (d. 1420)
William Barry, 8th Baron Barry (d. 1480)
John Barry, 9th Baron Barry (d. 1486)
Thomas de Barry, 10th Baron Barry (d. 1488)
William Barry, 11th Baron Barry (d. 1500)
John Barry, 12th Baron Barry (d. 1530)
John Barry, 13th Baron Barry (d. 1534)
John FitzJohn Barry, 14th Baron Barry (1517–1553) (created Viscount Barry in 1541)
Viscounts Buttevant (1541)

John FitzJohn Barry, 1st Viscount Buttevant (1517–1553)
Edmund FitzJohn Barry, 2nd Viscount Buttevant (d. 1556)
James FitzJohn Barry, 3rd Viscount Buttevant (d. 1557)
James de Barry, 4th Viscount Buttevant (b. c. 1520–1581)
David Barry, 5th Viscount Buttevant (d. 1617)
David Barry, 6th Viscount Buttevant (1604–1642) (created Earl of Barrymore in 1627/28)
Earls of Barrymore (1627/28)

David Barry, 1st Earl of Barrymore (1604–1642)
Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore (1630–1694)
Laurence Barry, 3rd Earl of Barrymore (1664–1699)
James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore (1667–1747)
James Barry, 5th Earl of Barrymore (1717–1751)
Richard Barry, 6th Earl of Barrymore (1745–1773)
Richard Barry, 7th Earl of Barrymore (1769–1793)
Henry Barry, 8th Earl of Barrymore (1770–1823)
in Cork County, Cork Ireland


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