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As many people with Irish heritage have found out while working on their genealogies, it is difficult, if not impossible, to trace their Irish ancestors and the families they left behind in Ireland. So many Irish in the US can't get any further than the immigrant who settled in the this country.

I was hoping to locate a census, either US or NY State, of the 1860s or 1870s of the Essex County area. I know my great grandfather settled in Willsboro, New York. According to my great aunt, her father (my great grandfather) landed in Canada from Ireland in the 1850s then came to the US and settled in Essex County, New York. I am not sure when exactly, but I'm sure he was settled there by the 1870s and probably earlier. I think a good place to locate him would be the census because the census should list his country and city of origin as well as his parent's names, at least his father. My great aunt was born in 1876 in Essex County, NY, but was a child of my great grandfather's second marriage, his first wife having died in child birth. There were five surviving children from his first marriage and five surviving children from his second, my aunt being one of them from the second marriage.
Feb 20, 2005 · Reply
Michael Barry was born about 1816 in County Cork, Ireland. His wife was Mary Morrisey born about 1935 in County Cork, Ireland. They married about 1859. Ther first son James Barry was born in 1862 in County Cork, Ireland. Not long after that, the family emigrated to Western Australia. Michael Barry was a Pensioner Guard in the Prison Service in WA.Other children were born in Perth. James Barry trained to become a Tailor and worked in the Bubury/Colie area's. James Barry was my Great Grandfather.
William Barry
Nov 19, 2008 · Reply
My father was William Edward Barry - one of 12 children of Thomas Barry and Bridget Kelly (both born in Frampton, Quebec, Canada). My father's grandfather was John Barry - born 1810 in Ireland. And John's father was David Barry - born 1766 in Ireland.
My father maried in Canada (after having moved with his family to manchester, NH) - and then moved to NJ in the 1930s, where he raised his 6 sons. He died in NJ in 1988 at the age of 85.
Feb 02, 2009 · Reply
All I know is my father's name was Raymond William Barry. He was born in 1922 in either Bangor or Portland Maine and his father was at one time a police officer. There is some sort of french canadian connection as well. I noticed another story mentioned a Barry family coming in through Canada. I rarely meet a Barry, I noticed a veterinary clinic in Destin FL has that name for example, but would like to hear more about the family name.
Jun 08, 2011 · Reply