Leonard, Alice, and Roy Lund

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These are three of the four children of Thomas and Mary ne'Madsen Lund of Selma, Fresno Co, CA. Left to right are Leonard (1919 - living) , Alice (1916-1989), and Roy (1915 - 1969). Thomas' father was an immigrant from Denmark, his mother was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. Mary's parents were both immigrants from Denmark. The family lines collided in Clay County, South Dakota. Tom and Mary married near there. Their first three children were born in SD. Their fourth child, a late life baby, was born at their home in Selma, Fresno Co, CA in 1926. Len married and had two daughters. Alice married and had one daughter. Roy married and had two daughters. Their fourth child, Harold, married and had one son and one daughter (me). Len is living and all the children of these children are living, some in California and some in Washington State.


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