Linsey Price with two of his Blankenship step-brothers about 1855 in Daviess county Missouri.

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Linsey Price, standing in the back, with two of his two Blankenship step-brothers, both seated. Lindsey (aka Linsey) Price was born about 1840 in Kentucky, and died 6 Jul 1864 in Duvalls Bluff, Monroe county, Arkansas, USA. His mother is assumed to be Elizabeth Campbell. Lindsey's father is unknown. His mother is believed to have married Richard Blankenship 1845 in Greenup County Kentucky. The identity of the Blankenship brothers in the photo is unknown. They are the children of Richard Blankenship, from an earlier marriage. Possibly they are the two brothers slightly older and closest in age to Lindsey: William Blankenship (1836-1911) and Benjamin Blankenship (1833-1906)? Any help identifying these Blankenship's would be most welcome.
at Daviess County, Missouri, USA, Daviess County, Missouri USA


S Steele Lindsey married Emma Talley on 30 Aug 1860 in Daviess County, Missouri.
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Jacquelyn Ford Looking for somene to verify this is or is not Linsey Price, Thank You
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Jacquelyn Ford i
Aug 21, 2011 · Reply
Jacquelyn Ford This picture probable is James A.Price standing, left Puckett half brother, right Joseph L.Price. Jacquelyn Ford
Aug 21, 2011 · Reply
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