Louise W. Greer's gravesite  family photo
Lizzy Verner

Louise W. Greer's gravesite

A photo of the grave of Louise Greer.

About Louise W. Greer

My Great Grandmother was from or around the Colquitt Georgia area. She is known to be full blooded Cherokee or Seminole Indian. She married my Great Grandfather, Rueben A Greer, a farmer. So far I've found that they had at least 9 children. She is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Keysville, Florida. Names she could also have went by, Wesley, Lue, Ash Or Wesley Ash Lue. I'm trying to find her family to learn more about her. ...more info

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Louise W. Greer's gravesite

Louise W. Greer

Born: Jun 12, 1900
Died: Mar 15, 1947 (age 46)
Also in this photo: Louise W. Greer