Lucille (McClelland) Bomstead/Graden Mcclelland family photo
John Snell

Lucille (McClelland) Bomstead/Graden

A photo of Lucille (McClelland) Bomstead at Christ's Church Seattle, WA on Easter Sunday 1913. She is the taller girl in front, far right.

About Lucille Geneva (McClelland) Bomstead

Wonderful lady. Very talented in sewing and cooking. Made a living as a seamstress in her own shop in Bremerton, WA after her husband Adolf Bomstead (originally Bomstad) died. She was kind of quiet as I remember her, but that could be of her previous strokes which she seems to recover well from. ...more info

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Photo taken at Seattle, King County, WA
Lucille (McClelland) Bomstead/Graden

Lucille Geneva (McClelland) Bomstead

Born: Aug 12, 1903 in Winfield, KS
Died: Jan 18, 1982 (age 78) in Bremerton, WA
Cause: Stopped taking medicine so she didn't have to see her husband Art Graden die...

Also in this photo: Lucille Geneva (McClelland) Bomstead at 59 years old