Lula (McCracken) and son, Versell Tuttle

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Lula Frances (McCracken) Tuttle Cornett and her son, Versell Elvin Tuttle in the 1920's in probably Laurel County, Kentucky. Lula was born in 1901 in Laurel County, Kentucky. She was the daughter John Jerome "J.J." McCracken and second wife, Eliza McWhorter. Versell was born in 1922 in Kentucky. His father was Charlie Tuttle.
Lula died in 1991 in Oxford, Butler County, Ohio. Versell died in 1993 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. Lula and Versell's names are spelled incorrectly on Versell's birth record (found on [external link]). Their names are spelled as Lulla and Virsal.
Lula's great great grandfather, John McCracken (an Attorney at Law)in Tennessee and her great great great grandfather, John McWhorter in Union, South Carolina owned negro (black) slaves but their descendants did not continue to own slaves. Lula's uncles, James and Thomas McCracken were in the Union (Federal) Army (Ky and TN) fighting for the north during the Civil War. Her father was still a child during the war. Lula's great great great grandfather, John McCracken and other men were ambushed and killed by Indians (Native Americans) in Pennsylvania in 1757. He was still a young man with a wife and children.
in Laurel County, Kentucky USA


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