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This picture was one of many found in the trash in Fort Worth Texas, They are during the war, I think WW2, The papers found with these pictures where from NY and a ration card had the name Padilla.
I made copies on my computer, because the man that found them would not give me the pictures . But I'd be glad to send then as an attachment . They are not my family .

Mystery: They are not my family , the only name with them was Padilla
at Padilla, NY, NY


Ellene O'Brien The man and woman in this photo are my uncle, Tony Padilla, and his wife (my aunt), Anna Padilla. I'm not sure when it was taken because I was very young when they married. Is it possible for you to put me in touch with the man who found the photos? They are all of my family, and we would love to have them again, or to at least have copies or scans of them. Thank you.
Jul 29, 2007 · Reply
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