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The photo was in an album kept by a young PETTY woman. He is related but I do not know how. It was taken in Portsmouth, OH. which is Meigs/Gallia County area in southern OH. The name of the photographer is on the front of the photo. Photo probably taken ca. 1870.

Mystery: The man resembles the other Petty men of whom I have pictures. However, the fact that it was taken in Portsmouth is confusing because as far as I know my line of Petty family had no connection to the line of Pettys who lived there. My last progenitor, Joseph, b. 1765 came directly to Perry Co., OH in 1808. I would like to identify this man as a possible link to the roots of my line. Update: Since I first placed this photo, I have researched a line of Petty people who came from VA to Gallia CO., OH. This man would be the right age to be one of Hugh PETTY's sons. I know that he had James, 1819 and Samuel ca. the same time.
Is anyone related to the Hugh PETTY line?


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