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On August 25, 1883, Sam J. Harvey, a 35 year old colored man went to Grice's Restaurant on Main Street inquiring about employment. Being unhappy with the response to his request, he menaced the merchant with a .44 pistol. Grice immediately reported the incident to Burt at Police Headquarters. Chief Burt, accompanied by Watermaster Charles Wilckens, began a search for the gunman. Meanwhile, Harvey went to theThomas Carter store where he outfitted himself with a new .45 Springfield rifle and two boxes of cartridges. The lawmen went to 2nd South and Main Street where they encountered Harvey who had the rifle cradled in his arm.

Chief Burt approached Harvey to make his inquiry and Harvey stated "Are you an officer?" Before Burt could respond, Harvey shot him in the chest with the rifle. Chief Burt staggered into the A.C. Smith Drugstore, collapsed to the floor and died. Meanwhile, Wilckens jumped on Harvey and took the rifle from him. Harvey then drew his .44 pistol and shot Wilckens through the arm. As he was about to take another shot, Mr. E. Able intervened, disarmed the bandit and threw him to the ground. Other officers arrived and took Harvey to the jailhouse. A large crowd gathered and followed the officers to the jail. Before Harvey could be incarcerated, he was soundly pummeled by members of the crowd. Officers succeeded in taking Harvey inside the jail, but the trouble had just begun.

The crowd, enraged by the death of the popular Chief, eventually rushed the jailhouse, liberated the prisoner, and he was again administered a severe beating. He was then dragged to a nearby horse stable where he was promptly lynched in the jail yard. The crowd then dragged the body through the street behind a horse until Mayor Jenkins intervened and halted the activity. The entire time of the incident, from the shooting of the Chief to the lynching of Sam Harvey, took only 25 minutes.

He was buried August 28, 1883 in Salt Lake City.

Andrew is my 5th cousin

John D F Brown
at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Utah USA


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