Mary and Walter Brown w/grandson

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Taken at the farm of Walter Griffin Brown and Mary Irene Reisinger Brown next to their home on East State Rd. 44, now owned by Dennis Sherck. These are my gr-gr-grandparents. Mary is holding their grandson Albert Brown, son of Carl and Isabelle Brown. Mary and Walter had two sons, Louis Albert Brown and Carl Brown. Louis was my grandfather. The grandson, Albert Brown, in this photo, has coached many college basketball teams throughout his career. Currently he is assistant coach for the Duke women's basketball team. Walter Griffin Brown is the son of Preston Brown and Florence Moore Brown. Preston was the son of Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Stanley Brown. Samuel ws born in Lebanon Co. PA and he was the son of Michael Brown and Mary Rudy Brown. Michael was also born in Lebanon Co. PA.
at Fayette County, Indiana, Connersville, Indiana USA


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