Mary Gemella McBride - Gertrude

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Mary Gemella McBride B: 1-19-1877 D: 2-4-1969 (2nd of 2/daughter of Samuel J. McBride - Mary Diadema Cotton) / Mella is holding her daughter Gertrude. (no info) / Married: 8-8-1906 William E. Cook B: 1877 D: 12-5-1965 / They were last known to live on East 6th Street - Long Beach, California (letter from her brother Ed - dated Nov. 2, 1951. They were visited by Gemella's great nephew - J.H. McBride (her brother Ed's grandson) during the 1940's - time of WWII. Nothing else is known about them. / (genealogy website - [external link])
at Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pennsylvania USA


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