McGavock Confederate Cemetery Photo A

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This picture has a closer view of the home that belonged to Colonel John McGavock and his wife, that became a hospital during and after the Battle of Franklin which took place on their property, part of which Col. McGavock later decided to donate for a private cemetery for the purposes of a proper burial place for the Confederate soldiers who died here. I wish to thank Tim Burgess for sending me all these pictures (except for the last four which were sent to me by Mrs. Maynard Hall, whom I also wish to thank).
Not only am I grateful to Tim Burgess for the pictures but for the information I needed that led me to establish that my husband's great grandfather's brother, Col. Wm Harry Bishop, was indeed buried here. Tim has been working on a book for many years about the soldiers who fought the Battle of Franklin, and was able to use the information I provided him about Col. Bishop's birth family. I also wish to thank David Fraley and Thomas Cartwright who worked at the Carter House Museum in Franklin, TN for their initial help. I understand that efforts are underway to eventually replace the Colonel's tombstone with one more fitting his part in the Civil War and finally at the Battle of Franklin.
at McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Franklin, Williamson, Tennessee


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