McNaghten Dickey Family, 1910, England Dickey family photo
Carolyn Gibson

McNaghten Dickey Family, 1910, England

The McNaghten Dickey Family gathering in 1910 in England: In this photograph is my Great Grandmother Susannah (Ferreday) with my Great Grandfather William Craufuird McNaghten Dickey I, both of them seated.
Beside Susannah is her daughter in law, my grandmother Rosamond Alice (Carter) with my motherMyrna Rosamond aged about 4 months. Standing behind the little boy is my Grandfather Dr. William Craufuird McNaghten Dickey II.
With him are his sisters and brother in law. I am not sure about the little boy, it would be lovely to know who he was.
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Carolyn Gibson This photo was taken in 1910... I have made a typing error :(
Reply posted Sep 14, 2012 2:18 pm
Photo taken at The Dickey family home, London, Middlesex County, England United Kingdom on
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