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"Apgar Campground, West Glacier July 20, 1969..astronauts land on moon ..Chris, Bert, Boots and Al, Gene and Hilder, Dad, Gerry, Dinna and mom watched the landing in our trailer on a 12 volt. The walk on the moon was spectacular and when the flag went up we all clapped and yelled for joy. On our way to Cranbrook the radio let us know of the successful tie in of the Eagle to the Columbia." (written on the back)

This note really describes how we all felt on that day in July, 1969! Photo found in antique shop in Seattle, Washington.

Mystery: Photo found in antique shop in Seattle, Washington. I bought it because of what was written on the back, I don't know the surname of this family.
at Glacier National Park , Montana USA


Kathy Pinna U was at a San Francisco Giants game with my boyfriend when they announced that "the Eagle has landed" (on the moon). The whole stadium (it was packed) stood up and started clapping. Later, we watched the actual moon walk on tv. Quite a day. You couldn't help thinking about President Kennedy that day and how you wished that he could have lived to see it.
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