Mrs. Wilson (Elizabeth Swickard) Carl 1816-1900

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Elizabeth Swickard was born in Jefferson County, Ohio and married Wilson Carl there on 19 Oct 1938. They moved to Chester Twp in Meigs County, Ohio onto land her father had been awarded for his service in the War of 1812. In all, Wilson and Elizabeth had sixteen children, five girls and eleven boys, including three sets of twins. Three of her children died in infancy and another died before Elizabeth did. Five of her sons served in the Civil War and suffered disabilities afterwards, one losing his left hand. In this picture, Elizabeth appears to have suffered a slight stroke, from the appearance of her right hand. She died a widow on 28 December 1900.
In that year's census, she was reported to have been married 60 years. The date of her husband's death is unknown. Unfortunately I have no photo of him.
in Pomeroy?, Meigs County, Ohio


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