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This photo was purchased at auction by a researcher whose name I have lost. It was posted on a Keel family forum in an effort to return it to a family member.

I have no more information about this photo

Mystery: Does anyone have any information about which Keel family line Nathan belongs to?


Deborah Keel We have a Nathan Keel born about 1710 in Bertie, North Carolina in our family. Is there any dates on this picture and location of where it was taken?
Nov 06, 2003 · Reply
George Feisel I have a Nathan J. Keel b. Feb. 4, 1836 in Stark County, Ohio, died Feb. 8, 1922 in Bureau County, Illinois; married Angeline Wells on Oct. 6, 1857 in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. Nathan was the eldest son of John W. Keel and Roseanna Siffert.
Jun 02, 2006 · Reply
Wanda Mcguire I have no information about this photo.
Feb 17, 2009 · Reply
Shannon Keel My family is from north Carolina. im trying to learn more about the family history and where we come from.
May 15, 2014 · Reply
Raymond Keel I have a Nathaniel Keel born 1810 N.C died 1852 married Martha Hudson born 1808 they married 1839. Lived area of Dover, TN. Don't know if this is same Nathan Keel.
May 17, 2014 · Reply
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