Navy class in 1947 at Miramar Naval Base

Photo Details

This photo is of class 565 at Miramar Naval Base in California. The class started in December 1947 (or that is when my father entered the Navy). The far right side of the photo is missing a few people because our scanner could not scan all of this large photo.
My father, Edward Osmond Crowell, Jr. was born November 10, 1928 in Russellville, Franklin County, Alabama. He died November 17, 1975 in Town Creek, Lawrence County, Alabama from complications of diabetes. He entered the Navy on December 7, 1947 and retired as a Disabled Veteran in 1950. He is on the back row, third from the left.
at United States Naval class #565, Miramar, Naval base at Miramar, San Diego, California


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