Norma Fieldman, with grandmother, Jennie Borovsky

Photo Details

This is a clear, sharp, sepia tin-type (5 3/4" x 7 7/8"; rounded corners). Subject is child about 3 years old, picture taken in about 1915. Subject child (Norma FIELDMAN) is daughter of David Fieldman and Lena BURROWS, and is shown in photo with her maternal grandmother, Jennie BOROVSKY. Norma's married surname was ROGAN, her husband's given name unknown. They had two sons, given names unknown, who would probably be in their 60's or 70's today. Nothing is known of their offspring, if any. We would like to locate a direct descendent of Norma Rogan to give the picture to (it is presently in the possession of myself and my wife...who is a first cousin once removed of Norma Fieldman Rogan.)


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