Old Group Photo - 1936-37 Atwood family photo
Phillip Pitzer

Old Group Photo - 1936-37

Attached is an old photo I received from cousin Richard Kerr. Looking for any help in identifying those in the picture. I have numbered and listed those that we are sure of on the bottom of the picture.

Not sure where or when picture was taken, or what the occasion for the gathering was, but would like to know?

By the ages of the cousins listed, it is estimated that the picture was taken about 1936-37.

Anyone with any information regarding this picture please contact we at [contact link], thanks so much.
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Picture has been cropped on the right end, several people are missing.

Phillip H. Pitzer
Apr 27, 2007 11:59 am reply
Photo taken at Unknown USA on
Old Group Photo - 1936-37

John Odus Pitzer

Born: Jun 6, 1929
Died: unknown