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Back of Photo reads: "Killian & Woodrow."

Mystery: I know the little boy Woodrow is the son of Samuel Tong and Pearl Ely (or) Sly. Picture probably taken in Texas. Could Killian be the father of Samuel's Wife Pearl? Please help.
in USA


Estella Briggs Woodrow Wilson Tong was born 7/22/1918 and had 2 brothers Frank C Tong Born Feb 1922 and John W Born 9/12/1927 as well as a sister Jennie Vera Tong Born 11/19/1924. Woodrow's parents were
Sameul Edwin Tong b april 1, 1886 and M Pearl Odessa Ely 6/3/1917 Woodrow married Youvonie Decambre 1/14/1937 and they had 4 Children
Wilfred W Tong 9/17/1939, Ronald H Tong 6/24/1941, Frank Edward Tong 11/6/1943 and Raymond J Tong 4/6/1953
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Estella Briggs Contact me for more info.
Nov 06, 2009 · Reply Tonge My Grandfather middle name was Edward not Edwin Grandmother Pearl was not born in 1917. My mothers name is spelled YVONNE MARIE DELCAMBRE brother Wilfred (Sonny) middle name is Woodrow, Ronald (Ronnie) middle name Henry, Raymond (Ray) middle name James. The photo ask if older man could be Grandma Pearl DaD I do not think so because his name was Dock P. Ely great grandmother name was Connie Vera Meadows. Interesting that you posted these comments on my birthday I do remember that my mother Yvonne, (deaf-mute) had a classmate friend with the name of ESTELLA are you related to her.
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Sep 26, 2011 · Reply Tonge Correction on e mail [contact link]
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Rachael Tong that would make you my great uncle Frank
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