paradis Brooks family photo
Sandra Hill


First photo is Charles Inghram Smith my grandfather and the 2nd is of Joseph Paradis and Minnie brooks Paradis family. My grandmother Madaline is in the last row on the far right

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My father is in this picture, his name was Joseph Martin Paradis, He is the last one on the left. Next is Thomas Paradis, next is Minnie Brooks Paradis, next is Edward Paradis, next is Alfred Paradis
back row left Theresa Paradis McLaughlin, Agnes Paradis, Eva Paradis Russell,Vitellen Paradis Wallace,Dora Paradis Shorette, Pearline Paradis ?married?(cant remember last name)Last is Madaline Paradis Smith...I can provide more photos of my dad Joseph's family..youngest child Gail Paradis Lasko
Apr 05, 2012 9:44 am reply
Photo taken at Maine USA