Pedro Willis Epperson children  Graham family photo
Phillip Pitzer

Pedro Willis Epperson children

Photo was taken the day following the funeral of Elizabeth Hart Dalton Epperson (Mrs. Pedro W. Epperson) Aug. 17/18 1892 Rio, Illinois, her children: Front, L-to-R: John Hiram; Sarah Annie; William Dalton; Lydia Jane, Back, L-to-R: Francis Marion; Samuel; James P. Graham; "Toss" Thomas Pedro. (JamesP. Grahm was a grandson, reared by Elizabeth Epperson. His mother was Mary Elizabeth, married Lorenzo Graham. She died 1858, age 19 years.) (Samuel (2nd Left rear) was second husband of Sarah Anne (2nd front) and was her first cousin. His father, Edley Epperson, was a brother of Pedro Epperson. Picture was from Sue Epperson McCoy, April 2004 ... show more

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Photo taken at Illinois USA on
Pedro Willis Epperson children

John Hirman Epperson

Born: Jan 3, 1835
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: John Hirman Epperson at 57 years old  ·  Sarah Anne Epperson at 68 years old  ·  Samuel Epperson at 63 years old  ·  Lydia Jane Epperson Weir at 67 years old  ·  William Dalton Epperson at 65 years old  ·  Francis Marion Epperson at 47 years old  ·  James Pedro Graham at 34 years old  ·  Thomas "Toss" Pedro Epperson at 50 years old