Perry Abernathy (1847-1923) of Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas #4

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Marlene Hudson sent me this picture. She does not know who is who, and neither do I.
On the back of the original is written:
"This is the whole family
Our two sons-in-law on this end.
Perry's family on the other end.
Cora is in front row
Nora behind her.
This was taken 3 yrs ago.
Sol Sweat is on the end and Louis Carr next."

Mystery: According to the above, Perry Abernathy's family is on the left. His wife was Melissa J. Campbell. It appears that now there are three children. Melissa is holding an infant. Perry is holding an older little girl, and their son who is the oldest, is standing next to an older woman. Could she be Perry's mother, Elizabeth (Penner)Abernathy? Who are the others and how are they related?
in USA


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