Pete G Jimenez, California Jimenez family photo
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Pete G Jimenez, California

A photo of Pete G Jimenez, 1947 - 2008.

About Pete G Jimenez

my dad is great the best i remember those hot sunny days he would be working on cars or even irrigating id be laying in the sun at the ranch 4554 ave 308 goshen ca 93227 now it goes by visalia ca 93291 and i remember him when he catch fish using a stick with a nail at the end and how he was a great hunter and when he used to work him and my mom ruby helen castro in my grandmas cotton field ow my daddy showed me many things in life im greatful to have been so lucky in many ways he made me wise just by his actions and how he was and used the silent treatment instead of arguing he would never so he was bored at all his one true love was carmen jimenez he showed me a picture of her very pretty id like to find her someday also remember him mentioning he got in an accident he had to be taken to fresno something was wrong with his head he got hurt if anyone knows please contact me thank you . ...more info

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