Pheobe Bartholome wedding announcement Vanderbilt family photo
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Pheobe Bartholome wedding announcement

A newspaper article announcing the wedding of Pheobe Bartholome to James VanDerbilt, December 11, 1895 in Newark New York.

About Pheobe (Bartholome) VanDerbilt

Phebe Bartholome was born November 14, 1874 the daughter of Phillip Bartholome and Mary Beicher. She married James Vanderbilt, and they had one daughter, Allegra. Phebe was widowed in the 1940 census. She passed away in Newark in 1968. ...more info

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Photo taken at Newark, New York United States of America on
Pheobe Bartholome wedding announcement

Pheobe (Bartholome) VanDerbilt

Born: Nov 14, 1874
Died: June 1968 (age 93)