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These photos were found together in things bought from an auction or sale in Pendleton IN. The photo of lady in hat has nothing written on it. The photo of the children has Butler Photography Pendleton imprinted on front and on the back is handwritten Iris S. Danold or Donald.
in Pendleton, IN


Judith VanAlstine-Morcom My Great Great Grandmother was MaryAnn Rebecca (Haris)Donald b.mid-1800's.Her husband was Joseph Charles Donald. They had 7 children...the last being born circa 1900.The story day he was chopping wood, threw down the axe, and left. He came back in a horse and buggy with another women. He took his belongings and was never heard of again. I have a picture of him that I believe resemble the child, or children's face.I will email it, or add it to Ancent Faces website. Judith M.
Aug 27, 2004 · Reply
Judith VanAlstine-Morcom Please Edit; MaryAnn Rebecca Donald's maiden name was Harris.
Aug 29, 2004 · Reply
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