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In 1603 King James VI presented to Sir Robert Halkett, of Pitfirrane, a splendid piece of Venetian glass before he left Scotland to become King of England.

The gift of the Pitfirrane goblet, along with a gold ring, the rights to mining local coal reserves, and other grants of land, was an indication of the esteem in which the recently knighted landowner was held by the King.

The goblet was reported to have the magic property of being able to detect poisons, changing colors when it came in contact with any dubious substance.

Both the ring and the Pitfirrrane goblet are preserved in the Royal Museum of Scotland. They are regarded as the rarest survivors from the last days of Dunfermline's prominence as the capital of Scotland.

A replica of the intricately worked goblet was made at in Perth by Calthness Glass for the Abbot House Heritage Center in Dunfermline.

In the 1994 photo are the Deputy Managing Director of Calthness Glass, Mr. Colin Terris (left) and Mr. Franco Tolffolo, Senior Glassmaker at Calthnee (right), who is a fifth generation of a Ventian glass blowing family.


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