Photo Details

Three ladies of affluent families, noticeable from their clothing, and jewelry.
This photo may be from an area bounded by Chicago, Illinois's lakeshore, probably to the North of the city, in the suburbs along Lake Michigan, or nearby-inland towns.

The date is ca. 1890-1900.

It is on a photo post-card, with nothing written on the reverse, except these three ladies' names: Stella HUNT, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Powers...not designating who is who.

From the stonework in the column, at the right, this prevalent in this area. Similar structures have been seen to be equivalent in form, especially the carved/chiseled stones making up the "tower" column, and the headers, and footers of it. It seems to be taken in late Fall, or early winter, due to the lack of leaves on the trees, which possibly are either maples, or ash, and these trees are native to the Midwest. (Why these ladies have no over jackets on, is probably to show-off these dresses.)(Mrs.Powers, Mrs. Campbell, Stella Hunt)

Mystery: Who, When, & Where ?
AND, are these ladies related ?


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