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REA Express, near the Studebaker Plant in So.Bend, Indiana taken late 1950s - early 1960s). Photo is courtesy of Emery F. Molnar

Mystery: REA employee, Emery Molnar took this picture. Top, far right is Anton ("Tony") Szabo, my father (glasses). Third row from the top (standing), Zimmerman (overalls), Hartman (suit,bow-tie). The rest are a mystery.


Becky Bailey I think my father used to work at the Studebaker plant. Just shortly before starting to work for IBM. I don't know if my father knew any of these people or not. But maybe I can find out. He still lives in Indiana. And I live in Oklahoma.
Mar 01, 2004 · Reply
Nadine Hardin Hi, did you find out who some of the people in the picture! I am at a loss. Thanks, Nadine
Mar 08, 2006 · Reply
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