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A photo of Aunt Ida, Grandma Starrett, Aunt Han Reynolds 2. Three women, possibly sisters, Cabinet card size, but no cardboard back, photographer is Hennepin Studio, 625 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. These women are very similar, but older version of a previous photo I uploaded under the name of Ida, Grandma Starret, and Han Reynolds. This photo has nothing written on the back.

Mystery: Is this an older version of the sisters known as Aunt Ida, Grandma Starrett, and Han Reynolds?
at Hennepin Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


Judith Shea I'm wondering what is meant by "version" of the other photo with the same people. Surely having been taken in two different locations and the women all wearing different clothing from that worn in the other photo would obviate the two photos being different "versions" of each other, wouldn't it? I'm new at this! I have a grandmother Starrrett and great grandmother Reynolds, so these photos caught my eye.
Oct 08, 2015 · Reply
Sharon Hillis Perhaps "version" wasn't the correct term to use. I think the other photo is the same people taken at an earlier time and different state. I have not tried to trace these people as I am not related. I just post identified photos in hope of helping someone else, and perhaps getting a positive identification on them. Thanks for your interest.
Oct 09, 2015 · Reply
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