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Robert Lewallen and wife, Martha Ann Morris Lewallen.

ROBERT was a son of Andrew Russell "Russ" Lewallen II and Perlisca Ann "Phoebe" Davis who was born around 1827. Robert's parents, Andrew Russell Lewallen and Perliscia (1825/27-1885), married November 15, 1846, in Morgan County, TN. In addition to Robert, they had the following children: Frank (who fathered twin babies which are buried in the Wolf Creek Cemetery); George Todd (half-brother, mother was Hannah Todd, who married Salina Morris, and when Salina died he married Louisa Miller and they had nine children - Josie, Hattie, Monroe, Laura, Elmer, Golda, Maud, Gladys, and Clifford); Andrew F., Lucinda M. (or "Cindy" who married Thomas Russell); John F., Charlotte J., Sarah E., William Bluford (who married Sarah Smith with whom he had four sons and two daughters); Charles Russell (who married first Amelia Smith who died giving birth to twins, and later Emma Galloway); Lottie (who married William C. Russell or "Bill" and had four children, Anna Russell Hable, Julia, Abby, and Hew); and Winfield Esau called "Winks", who married Emma Duncan, had two daughters named May and Florence, and a son named Charles. Winks died young of typhoid fever and his family then moved away).

MARTHA was born to Willis Morris and Nancy Hanks in 1841 in Sunbright, TN. She died on April 21, 1911, in Modesto, CA. Her siblings were John Richard, Salina Dove, Nancy Green, Thomas Asbury, Willis Turner, Pleasant Miller, Mary Jane, and Joseph Smith.
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