Robert, John, and Edward Stierle, Stearla Brothers

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Three Stierle brothers Robert John and Edward later called Stearla. Visited their father and step mother and other half siblings approximately 1928. For further information contact Robert Stierle @ [contact link] I am the son of Alexander stierle, Youngest Bother of Robert John and Edward I would like to make contact with any cousins or any other relative Phone 778-839-1819
at family in Blendowo, Warsaw , Blendowo County, Poland


Scott Barton The only living person living today 2011 is Berta Stierle in Anklam East Germany
Dec 02, 2011 · Reply
Scott Barton Robert Stierle lives in Vancouver Canada and had brief contact with stearla brothers
Dec 02, 2011 · Reply
Scott Barton The little girl in centre of photo is Berta Stierle currently living in Anklam East Germany.She is the only person still alive in the photo
Dec 02, 2011 · Reply
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