Robert Patrick Miller--USAF--1955 Miller family photo
Robin Dotson

Robert Patrick Miller--USAF--1955

Robert Patrick Miller was married to Betty Jane Eckerl. He was the father of Robin Gaye Miller. His parents were Thomas Jackson Miller and Sarah Belle Wilson. His paternal grandparents were Shannon Augustus Miller and Mary (Unknown). His paternal great grand parents were Elijah Craig Miller andSarah Elizabeth Dean. His paternal great, great grand parents were Jacob H. B. Miller and Martha Jane Russell. ... show more

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Jacob H.B Miller was the son of Elijah Miller and Elisabeth ( ) unknown, she was born in Tennessee. He was born in Lee county, Va. My dad is Robert Edward Miller son of Leonard Elmer Miller, Son of Leonard Augustus Miller who is the son of Elijah Craig and Sara Elizabeth Dean.
Aug 30, 2008 3:40 pm reply
Jacob H. B. Miller was born in 1839 in Virginia to

Elijah Lee Miller (born April 7, 1768) and Elisabeth

Rebeccah "Becky" A. Payne.

Regarding Jacob H. B.'s grandparents, Elijah Lee Miller's

father was Joseph Miller, born on October 21, 1727, and

Elijah's mother was Mary Oursler. (Mary Oursler was a

daughter of Edward Oursler 1708-1789 and Ruth Owings

-also spelled Owess- who lived 1710-1795). They were

born in Maryland. Joseph Miller was buried in Mt. Olive

Cemetery, Randallstown, Maryland.
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