Rosalie & Barbara Nickell family photo
Robert Weston

Rosalie & Barbara

Barbara Jean Dwelley,as a child, and as a young adult. Wondering if Barb Looks like any of the Dwelley's.
Rosalie Young is in picture along with Roses Mom, ( RosalenaSteinborn,Young, Shell)Afton Nickell, is in picture and maybe someone has seen these people and know them.

The Mystery

The Mystery of this photo's is Does Barbara Jean, Look like any Dwelley Relatives in Maine.
I am looking for Lawrence Perle Dwelley
any Pictures of him would be so appriciative!! I dont know what he looks like

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Photo taken at Young,Dwelley,Nickell Washington,Maine
Rosalie & Barbara

Barbara Dwelley,Nickell

Born: unknown
Died: unknown