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On 10 Feb 1818, Rosannah's husband, Joseph Albin (18 Feb 1794-24 June 1863) married Eliza Marsh, his first wife, daughter of Wm Marsh, in Harrison County, Indiana. They had 3 children: Jane, William M., and George Wesley, left behind when Eliza died. Joseph then married Rosannah Sheeks (3 June 1805-22 March 1881) on 29 April 1824. She and her husband lived in Lawrence County for about ten years, then moved to Putnam County. They had 12 children: Lavinia, John Nelson, Elizabeth, Henry, Isaac Newton, Sarah A., Cynthia, Malinda, James Madison, Matilda, Felix Grundy, and Joseph Taylor. Joseph, Jane, his eldest daughter, who remained unmarried, and Rosannah share the same tower type tombstone at the Bricks Chapel Cemetery in Monroe Twp, Putnam County, Indiana.
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Carole Mackay Hi. I am looking for a Rosannah Sheeks born 1796. She was married in 1824 in Wayne county to Robert Preston Green. Is there any connection?
Sep 22, 2011 · Reply
BettyJane Carl Dear Carole: I am sorry, but I have no idea. Was that Wayne County in Indiana? If I find out anything, I will let you know. bjc
Sep 22, 2011 · Reply
K. Clark Hi, I'm doing research on a old Cemetery, I have a listing for a burial for Henry, son of Mr & Mrs Henry Alvin. Also, another for Otis, son of Ed Alvin. Then, I have several Marsh family members here. Wondering if these families are connected, hope to hear from you, Kristal
Sep 21, 2012 · Reply
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