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Ruby Lee BODDIE / ROBERSON / ROBERTSON / ROBINSON / MITCHELL, the daughter of Albert and Anna Bell (MITCHELL / RUSSELL) BODDIE, was born
on May 18, 1914 in LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia and attended Smyrna Baptist Church.

In 1928, the family moved to Louisville, Kentucky after the death of her father, Albert BODDIE.

In Louisville, Kentucky, Ruby attended Bethel Temple where she was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1930, shortly before meeting her future husband, Charles Thomas BEELER.

Ruby's siblings include, John Wesley aka Karl (BODDIE) ROBINSON, Sarah Louise (BODDIE) ROBERTSON THOMAS, and
Wilson Oliver James (BODDIE) ROBERTSON.

Ruby married Charles Thomas BEELER on May 03, 1934 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ruby and Charles had 12 children: Addie Bell, Charlotte Lee, Charles David, John
Thomas (died on March 04, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan), Grace Louise, Evelyn Cecelia, Esther Rachel, Sherman Albert, Louis Jonathon, Ruby Rebekah, Samuel Nathan,
and Sarah Recalia.

Charles and Ruby attended Bethel Temple in Louisville, Kentucky until they moved to Detroit in 1947. In Detroit, the family attended Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem
Temple, first under Bishop Samuel Nathan Hancock, then under Bishop David Collins.

In 1954, Ruby and Charles bought a house at 4515 Pennsylvania Street in Detroit, Michigan. In 1955, they moved to the farm in Holly, Michigan, and in 1978, Ruby founded and pastored Bethlehem Temple #4, now known as Holly Apostolic Church, at the historic Baptist Church building at 400 S. Saginaw, Holly, Michigan 48442. Mother Ruby BEELER eventually gave pastorship of the church over to her husband, Charles, and he then became Bishop of Holly Apostolic Church.

Mother Ruby BEELER died on January 22, 1998 in Holly, Michigan and was buried at Rose Center Cemetary, in Rose Center Township, Michigan.
at Bethel Temple, Jefferson, KY


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