Schuermann Band Smith family photo
Nita Pearce

Schuermann Band

The Shuermann Band of Grant, Oklahoma in 1900. In this photo: Henry W. Schuermann, Bill Smith, Ed Erven, Henry Smith, Henry Smith, Will Schuermann. Charles McCartney, Marion B Boster, Jules Canfield, Ross Henkle, Sam Whitman, Clarence Bachman, Wes Smith, Else Henkle, C. H. Schuermann, Jim Wharry, Pete Smith, George Bachman, and Albert Bachman. ... show more

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Photo taken at Jefferson Grant, Oklahoma United States of America
Schuermann Band

Henry W. Schuermann

Born: Jul 22, 1863
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Henry W. Schuermann at 37 years old  ·  Bill Smith  ·  Ed Erven  ·  Henry Smith  ·  Will Schuermann at 43 years old  ·  Charles McCartney  ·  Marion B Boster  ·  Jules Canfield  ·  Ross Henkle  ·  Sam Whitman  ·  Clarence Bachman  ·  Wes Smith  ·  Else Henkle  ·  C. H. Schuermann  ·  Jim Wharry  ·  Pete Smith  ·  George Bachman  ·  Albert Bachman