Sigrid Olsdatter (Birkager) Sneve

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Sigrid Olsdatter Birkager, born Dec. 18, 1818 to Ole Johnsen Birkager and Marit Olsdatter (Ratte) Birkager in Oppdal, Søndre Trondhjems Amt, Norway, married Svend Svendsen Sneve in Oppdal on Oct. 27, 1843. She and her youngest children Kristine and Johan emigrated from Trondheim on Jun. 25, 1874 on the S.S. Tasso, calling at Christiansund and Bergen before crossing the North Sea to Hull, England. Their final destination was La Crosse, WI, where they joined her older sons Ole and Svend Sneve. The extended family soon settled in Brookings Co., SD. Sigrid died there on Mar. 27, 1905.
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