Spiering Family Christening; South Dakota

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Spiering Family:
Front Row, left to right: Lucille (1/11/1910) Mildred (12/17/1904) Ward(10/1908) Ebey(10/1906) Forrest (5/22/1902)
Back row, left to right:
Gladys (3/26/1899) Elmer (11/20/1892) Carolina (12/21/1874) Dorothy (1/7/1913) Ferdinand (1/1868) Edna (11/20/1894) Arthur (11/17/1896)
Ferdinand 'Fred' Spiering married Carolina Bloom about 1890. He was born in Wisconisn, Carrie was born in Fairfield, Iowa. Both died in South Dakota.
Not my family (photo found in an antique store) so only info I have is what I post here.
at Spiering Family Home, Webster, South Dakota USA


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