Steven Scott England, Texas 2010 England family photo
Scott England

Steven Scott England, Texas 2010

Steven Scott England at his Senior breakfast in Colleyville, Texas - June 2010

About Steven Scott England

Steven's Story Steven’s symptoms began shortly after baseball season ended in May. Initially, he complained of soreness in his lower back and leg. We took him to a chiropractor for four visits hoping that adjustments, massage, and ice would cure him. Wednesday, June 9th, Steven saw an orthopedic doctor who thought his symptoms were consistent with a herniated disc. He ordered an MRI for the following day. The MRI showed a mass or a tumor on Steven’s right side near his pelvis that could be putting pressure on his nerve, which would explain the pain he had been experiencing. He made an appointment for us for the following morning with an orthopedic oncologist in Dallas. Friday, June 11th, the orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Jorge Casas, said it could be a lot of things, including a repetitive muscle tear, so he ordered his own MRI to take some different views. Wednesday, the 16th, we learned the second MRI showed swelling on both sides of Steven’s pelvis and in his tailbone. Steven had a biopsy that afternoon. Wednesday, the 23rd, we got the news we feared. Steven was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, in his pelvis. He was to be treated aggressively and rapidly with 10 weeks of chemotherapy, massive surgery, and 10 weeks of chemotherapy. This treatment would have lasted a period of 12-24 months. Unfortunately, the tumor progressed on chemo, and Steven was not a candidate for surgery. He had the option to try a different chemo drug, which would have destroyed his kidneys, only to face an indescribable surgery. He was given about a 2% chance of survival, and his compassionate oncologist, Dr. Bijal Modi, discouraged him from continuing treatment, stating, “I don’t think we can cure you.” Steven asked him how long he would live and was told less than six months. That was the 24th of September. Steven passed less than three months later on the 12th of December. May he rest in peace. Video presented at Steven England's Wake & Mass services on December 16 & 17, 2010: ...more info

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Photo taken at Colleyville Heritage High School, Colleyville, Tarrant County, Texas United States of America on
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