Sue Mod with Hatszegi & Kemes children Mod family photo
Seeker Suzanne

Sue Mod with Hatszegi & Kemes children

Suzanne Mod and friends, the Hatzegi and Kemes children. Taken in 1950s in our living room at 3805 West 32nd Place, Cleveland Ohio 44109. The house was appropriated by the government to enlarge Denison Elementary School. We were mandated to sell and not given a choice. The govt. took 3/4 of West32nd place. ... show more

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Seeker Suzanne Margit Hatszegi, Ilona Kemes, George Kemes, Edith Hatszegi, on her lap Sandor Hatszegi and in front Suzanne (Sue, Suzy) Mod.
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Photo taken at Mod home, cleveland Ohio 44109, Cuyahoga County, Ohio USA on
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