Sutton/Freeze Reunion Photo  Sutton family photo
Lloyd Sutton

Sutton/Freeze Reunion Photo

This is a reunion of Sutton & Freeze family at funeral of Lucy Lee "Sutton" Freeze. Sutton's rear row stating from right: 1st Estellene Sutton, 2nd is My Father, James K. Sutton, 4th Ellis Sutton, 5th Charlie Sutton. Father of these is Charles E. Sutton, G.Father Charles G. Sutton. Sutton's front row starting from left: 2nd Norene Sutton, 3rd Ruth Sutton. Freeze clan: Robert, Frank, Herbert, Bernice, Bernie. ... show more

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Tanyua Davis what state was this in
Reply posted Feb 10, 2011 7:49 pm
Photo taken at Texarkana (New Boston), Bowie, TX USA on