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The headstone reads:
Robert Taylor 1864-1928
His Wife
Everill Pickup 1865-19--
Grace Taylor 1892-1922 (daughter)
Herbert Taylor 1890-19--
His Wife
Rosina Chapman 1895-19--
I think the young child in the photo is Everill Taylor, daughter of Herbert and Rosina. This is a great photo to have because I was able to read, with a magnifying glass, all of the names and dates. This info is invaluable for your geneological research. I do not know the name of the Cemetary, but it is in Providence, Rhode Island.The elder Taylors were born in England.

Mystery: There are many pictures in this collection, enough for a person to go a long way in their research. A very generous young lady, who had just been on Holiday in Rhode Island,purchased these at an estate sale while there and allowed me to place them here for the family to claim.I will place many of the family photos on this site for you to compare.
in Rhode Island


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