Thayer Baby Girl 1949 Thelma family photo
Thelma Thayer-sibley

Thayer Baby Girl 1949

Thelma Jean Thayer born December 31, 1948. This picture apporoximate, Easter, April 20, 1949, at three or four months. From left - Miss Thelma Thayer (paternal aunt, Thelma Jean Thayer, 3-4 months, Hazel Esther Thayer, proud mom! Biologoical dad - James Roydan Thayer - divorced Hazel in 4951-2.Also have sister, Rosenn, Thayer, born December 25, 1951. Shortley after, parents divorced. Aunt Thelma died July 3, 2003. ... show more

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Thelma Thayer-sibley Willing to be contacted if you are a strong possible thayer relative only - thru the thayer line - [contact link]
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Thelma Thayer-sibley Mom and Dad, Hazel and James, married on January 31, 1948, divorced in 1952, not 4951, sister, Roseann - December 25, 1951, my birthday, December 31, 1948!
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Photo taken at Thayer Grandprents Home, St. Clair Shores, MI USA on