The Location Of The General Store That Sam Bass & His Gang Entered Planning To Rob A Bank

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This building has the exact address (101 East Main Street), reported to be that of Koppel's General Store that Sam Bass and his gang entered to buy supplies and to case the bank nearby. Today it is a coffee shop. I do not know whether it has the same style as the original building. A. W. Grimes, the Williamson County Deputy Sheriff, was whistling when he entered the store, and while approaching the men, because they appeared to be carrying guns, which was against the law in town, was shot dead when he inquired about them. Deputy Moore was waiting at the door and others outside. When the gang members tried to escape, and wounded Moore, a gun battle ensued, spilling out into the street. Before he could escape, one of Sam's fellow gang members, Seaborn Barnes, was shot dead outside the store. Sam was badly injured, but was helped onto a horse by fellow gang member, Frank Jackson, and rode a distance out of town, before giving up. He was placed by a tree by the road, unable to go any further, eventually found and arrested, dying two days later.
at 101 East Main Street, Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas USA


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