The Oscar Marion Johnson, family

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This is a picture of my grandparents-Oscar Marion & LaVina "Vina" Thornton Johnson, with three of their seven children. Ona Marsh Johnson, is in grandpa's lap-dark haired girl is Norma Jean Johnson and the light haired girl is my mother Carrie Slyne Johnson.
Oscar Marion Johnson b. 4/7/1890 OK d. 5/30/1960 Salinas, San Luis Obispo, CA [While on a bus trip to visit with his brother.
Lovina "Vina" Thornton Johnson b. 3/12/1891 St. Joseph, MO d. 1/5/1932 Custer County, OK in child birth of twins-twins also, died.
Norma Jean Johnson b. 3/23/1924 Custer County, OK d. Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, OK
Carrie Slyne Johnson b. 12/31/1927 Custer County, OK d. Nov 16, 1980 Vallejo, Solono, CA
Ona Marsh Johnson b. 12/3/1929 Custer County, OK d. 6/9/1998 Stilwell, Adair County, OK.
at Rural Custer County, Custer County, Oklahoma USA


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