The William Henry Boone family Lyon family photo
Anitra Kinison

The William Henry Boone family

A photo of the extended Boone family, includes Boones, Lyons, Wood, and McCallens. The people are labeled on the photo. Looks like the photo is around 1910. Location not given.

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Photo taken at USA
The William Henry Boone family

Roy Boone

Born: ca. 1891
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Roy Boone  ·  Etta Wood  ·  Leah McClellan  ·  Linnie Boone  ·  Gordon Boone  ·  Charley Lyon  ·  Frank Lyon  ·  O.T. McClellan  ·  Maud Boone  ·  Paschal Boone  ·  Willard Boone  ·  Velma Boone  ·  Orron Boone  ·  Anna Lyon  ·  Buleah Lyon  ·  Florence Lyon  ·  Hershel McClellan  ·  Stella McClellan  ·  Letita McClellan  ·  William Henry Boone  ·  Hazel Boone  ·  Edna McClellan  ·  Viola Wood