Thomas Googins, Jr. and Jane Batchelder

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This picture was taken sometime before 1898. In front of the homestead are my great great grandparents, Thomas Googins,Jr. and Jane Banks Batchelder Googins. Thomas was a descendant of Patrick Googins (Googans) who came here from Ireland and is also descended from Thomas Rogers and Captain Richard Bonython, key figures in the history of the area. Thomas was a farmer. Jane is a
direct descendant of Stephen Bachiler and Benjamin Prescott,prominent in New Hampshire history. The homestead was replaced by a modern home about 10 years ago by my nephew who now lives there on Portland, Avenue. Thomas and Jane are buried in the Batchelder-Prescott cemetery located on Portland Avenue in Old Orchard with several of Jane's ancestors as well as two of their
deceased children.
at Googins Batchelder Homestead, York County, Old Orchard Beach, Maine


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