Thomas J. Sheeks In A GroundBreaking Ceremony Sheeks family photo
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Thomas J. Sheeks In A GroundBreaking Ceremony

In the left hand picture, Thomas is on the left. In the picture on the right, Thomas is third from the left. Thomas J. Sheek (22 Dec 1883-10 Jan 1970) first married Myrtle - - - -, and they had a daughter Frances, before they divorced. In turn, Frances and her husband (name unknown) had a son Donovan - - - -, who also divorced his wife. Thomas later married Mrs. Nancy J. "Nannie" (Tyree) Jackson. ... show more

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Nanny Tyree Jackson Sheeks was Nora Ellen Bass's Sister. Nora did not remarry after Homer died. There were nine children of Robert and Rebecca Tyree, They were: John I., Nancy, Joseph, Fred E. & Ed F.(Twins), Edith, Nora, Ralph, and Cloudy. Fred E. was my Father. He was married to Vonnie Virginia Pierce, my Mother. Fred passed away on August 28th, 1963 and Vonnie passed away June 13th, 1989.
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Photo taken at Lawrence County, Indiana
Thomas J. Sheeks In A GroundBreaking Ceremony

Thomas J. Sheeks

Born: Dec 22, 1883
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Thomas J. Sheeks